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May is Youth Service Month

Rotary believes in developing the next generation of leaders. Our programs help younger leaders build leadership skills, expand education and learn the value of service. Learn more about Rotary's youth programs.

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Governor's Message - May 2024

The month of May is designated as “Youth Services Month.” Our work in Rotary Clubs throughout District 5050 have provided significant guidance and leadership skills for youth. In this day and age, our work with youth is vital for positive mental health and growth.
Our District is blessed to have a number of programs helping youth. I had the privilege in March to serve as a presenter for YAIL (Youth Adventures in Leadership). YAIL is a program for high school age youth (15-17). I have been invited to be a presenter for RYLA, Rotary Youth Leaders Awards, for young adults ages 18-30. In my visits to these programs over the past few years, I have witnessed lives that gained confidence, leadership skills and hope for the future. I am proud to say that these programs are well supported by Clubs in our District, with exceptional leadership supplied by exceptional adults of all ages.
The Rotary Youth Exchange is a valuable program for high school youth, in offering them an opportunity to encounter another culture, learn another language and gain life-long lessons. It has been a pleasure to meet incoming students from different parts of the world supported by our local Rotary Clubs, and work with outbound students going to different countries that support the Youth Exchange. The program provides opportunities for the development of peacemaking and leadership skills. I know that COVID closed this program down for several years, and I hope more Rotary Clubs in our District will get involved with the Rotary Youth Exchange.
What's Happening in District 5050
Rotary International's President-elect Stephanie Urchick unveiled the 2024-25 presidential theme, "The Magic of Rotary," during a recent address. Urchick stressed that this magic isn't about fanciful tricks but resides in every Rotarian's ability to make a positive impact. She recounted a poignant experience in the Dominican Republic that showcased Rotary's magic—providing clean water that changed lives.
The District 5050 Nominating Committee, chaired by Past District Governor Brad Whittaker, met in early November 2022 to select the 2025-2026 District 5050 Governor. 
We congratulate Assistant Governor for Area E Isabelle Hayer, whom the Nominating Committee has selected as our District Governor for 2025-2026. Her nomination, should there be no challenge within 14 days as per the District 5050 Bylaws, becomes official on December 1, 2022.