Rotary International's President-elect Stephanie Urchick unveiled the 2024-25 presidential theme, "The Magic of Rotary," during a recent address. Urchick stressed that this magic isn't about fanciful tricks but resides in every Rotarian's ability to make a positive impact. She recounted a poignant experience in the Dominican Republic that showcased Rotary's magic—providing clean water that changed lives.
Urchick also emphasized Rotary's commitment to peace, encouraging Rotarians to support the Action Plan and work towards a "Healing in a Divided World" peace conference in 2025. Alongside peace, the battle against polio remains a top priority, and she urged members to establish PolioPlus Societies and engage with government officials. Balancing continuity and change within Rotary was stressed, with a call to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. As Rotarians, we're poised to create the magic in the year ahead, driving positive change globally.
Watch President-Elect Stephanie Urchick's full address here.