Before District 5050 was created on July 1, 1987, it was part of a larger District.  

In 1915, Rotary International first created the model of Districts, each led by a District Governor, including District 15 which covered Washington, Oregon, Alaska and BC. 
The District number changed in 1918 from District 15 to District 22 and then again in 1922 to District 1 and then in 1937 to District 102 (with the addition of Idaho to the geographical area).  That District number lasted only one year when it was changed to District 101 in 1938.
As Rotary membership and clubs grew, the geographical area was divided into smaller areas with the District numbering containing now-D5050 clubs changing to District 151 in 1949 and then to District 504 in 1957.  Alaska and the Yukon became part of a separate District in 1973.
On July 1, 1986, the Districts were readjusted again and renumbered to create Districts 5040 and 5050.

On this page are biographies of Past District Governors from those earlier Districts whose home clubs are in present day District 5050 - beginning with Clayton Williams from the Rotary Club of Everett who served a three year term from July 1, 1919 to June 30, 1922.  Everett is the oldest club in District 5050, being chartered on March 1, 1917 as Club #242.
The information on this page and the biographies are copied from the District 5040 website.  
For more information on the prior Districts and other Past District Governors, CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE DISTRICT 5040 WEBPAGE
More information on the history of Rotary in the Pacific Northwest is available on the Rotary Global History Fellowship page HERE