Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Part III Topics Include:


The Rotary Foundation: International Service

A case study driven examination of the concept of world community service in Rotary, with emphasis on the practical ways of bringing international service to your Club.


Effective Leadership Strategies

Building on skills form Parts 1 & 2, interactive sessions show how to more effectively lead and communicate in group settings.


Rotary Opportunities

Interactive session using RLI students' experiences in their clubs to inform their understanding of the core programs of RI, recreational, vocational and other service opportunities.


Creative Service

A detailed examination of the "philosophy of need" as reflected in the countering views of two past RI Presidents; and the positive effect of creative service on Clubs.


Public Image & Public Relations

A hands-on session dealing with the planning and execution of effective public relations, with expression in the form of press releases composed for various Rotary events.


Building A Stronger Club

What does your Rotary club represent? Explore vocational activities and adding value for your members.


Making A Difference: RLI Evaluation

RLI Graduates evaluate the RLI experience in all three undergraduate sessions; and use techniques refined in RLI to discuss the impact of suggested changes to the program.