Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Part II topics include:


Attracting Members

An in-depth look at the organizational and practical issues surrounding the recruitment of new Rotarians, and a dissection of elements of effective recruitment methods.


The Rotary Foundation: Targeted Services

A participatory session examining the SHARE process of The Rotary Foundation and the impact of decentralization of decision-making on funding & program priorities. The importance of the grant model and the Six Areas of Focus.


Club Communications

A practical session on the most basic aspect of our interaction as Rotarians - the elements of effective communication.


Strategic Planning & Analysis

Using a detailed checklist, this session allows each Rotarian to thoughtfully analyze the many aspects of their own Rotary Club, and discuss the necessity for specific action.


Leadership / Team Building

A directed study on the mechanism of action in Rotary Clubs- the committee, with emphasis on effective use of committees as a tool of leadership.