Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Graduate Level Course


"Leadership is the art of getting people to do what they don't want to do and have them enjoy the experience."

- Lewis MacKenzie, retired Major-General


What is the Graduate Program?

After completing the three Part basic program, "graduates" are eligible to attend in-depth seminars held at selected locations in conjunction with regular courses or as a stand alone course. Only Rotarians who have completed RLI Parts I, II and III may register for the Graduate Program.


The curriculum for each graduate seminar is developed in consultation with the RLI leadership team and the RLI program graduates. The Graduate course allows more in-depth exploration of topics of interest to the candidates and topics that explore current challenges Rotary clubs are facing. Each Graduate course will have a different list of topics and a unique curriculum that meets the needs of the Rotarians attending the course.


The goal is to prepare Rotarians for leadership positions in their club and our district.

Topics may include:

• Public speaking and presentation skills

• Design and use of PowerPoint

• Ethics and using the 4-Way test

• Team building

• Conflict resolution and mediation

• Visions and strategic plans

• Event planning

• Motivation and leadership

• Coaching and mentoring